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Interview with a 90s Kid

Posted on: September 10, 2009

My theme is about the 90s so I interviewed my Cousin who grew up in the 90s pretty cool dude!

Describe in 5 words you like about the 90s or reminds you about those times as a teenager growing up?

Rap, 2pac & biggie, Fresh Prince, game boys! PlayStation…chicks? lol

What Music were you into in the 90s?

Mostly Rap, it had a big impact on my life growing and the boys would listen to a lot of Biggie and 2pac

What shows did you enjoy the most?

Fresh Prince! was really big and i love Will Smith that guy made that show and his style was crazy mad!

You remember any big events?

Michael Jackson’s Concert in 96 man that was mean! well i didn’t go but the t.v was all good to watch it on ha ha

Did you wear anything that you would never wear again?

Nah I thought my style was pretty cool, I was into the baggy jeans and colourful did we love the bright colours lol but my hairstyle was not the business ha ha

What you love the most about the 90s?

I guess everything I grew up during that time I was a crazy teenager that just wanted to have fun! but I would have to say the music that was brought out during then like Biggie, 2pac, Coolio, TLC, Will Smith, Nas, Jay-Z etc those people and more had a big impact to our up bringing and most of them in there music spoke the truth which i really liked.


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  • lanas1: This is lovely Angela. I love it. Tis so true.
  • joan: Very powerful words from Maya Angelou. So many people are obsessed with looks and weight in the modern society and she brings us back down to reality.
  • nonu: phenomenal woman= angela mislela "i say its the fire in my thighs"....


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