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An Intro to be Shared

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Based in London, Boontje combines design and craft to create exquisite glassware, lighting and furniture. He gains inspiration from the existence of nature and explores the romance and emotion, which he then collaborates them to create a detailed object or product. He is the creature of Studio Tord Boontje where he displays his amazing ability of creativity in his work.

Three of his pieces I will be discussing are going to cover the subject matter, form, context and method  of his work and the thought  and also the opinions I have towards them and ideas he expresses while creating something so detailed. He is fascinated by the fact that this exact detailed work that he has accomplished can be transferred into multiple products[1]. Boontje concepts and the potential of his work have been part of the fashion world because of his approach to interior design and the decorative aspect of his work.

[1] Petra Schmidt, Annette Tietenberg, Ralf Wolheim (eds) Birkhauser, Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture, pg 327


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  • lanas1: This is lovely Angela. I love it. Tis so true.
  • joan: Very powerful words from Maya Angelou. So many people are obsessed with looks and weight in the modern society and she brings us back down to reality.
  • nonu: phenomenal woman= angela mislela "i say its the fire in my thighs"....


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