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Shape and Patterns have always made anything and everything look amazing also the Great inspiration of Nature! I love everything about it I love how you can always change or repeat a pattern or a shape into something different. These are a few of some of my favorite artist that have inspired me to do what I have done this semester!

Florence Broadhurst, Egrets, 1950s

This piece of Florence Broadhurst work made me love textile so much more because her work is amazingly awesome! The subject matter that she works with is nature and the form of it is designed as a repeated image on wallpaper which is very much in context because these prints are designed for wall art.

Florence Broadhurst Tropical Flower 1950s

This image shows a wallpaper texture that was designed by Florence Broadhurst that I found on a website. The reason why I like this image so much is because the form and the colour of the composition works very well together. The pattern of the image is  eye catching and in comparison to Tord Boontjes Art work they both work along similar ideas and visual outcomes.

Koloman Moser, Poppies, 1900

I Found Koloman Mosers work of textile pattern very interesting because of the detailed style he has and the time it was produce. The colours of gold and orange give this compostion a warm feel and is aesthetically pleasing. The repetition of the pattern allows the eye to wonder around instead of focusing on one area more than another.

Textile Design by Harry Napper, 1899

The Form of Harry Napper work is very symmetrical, he use very bold colours which makes the flower and the leaves look big and extravagant which leads into his subject matter which is nature and what he portrays of it which is the big, bold and the beautiful you capture.  His work is very much similar to William Morris because of the symmetrical affect they both have in there work.

William Morris, Victorian Pattern, 1876

This perfect Victorian pattern was created in 1876 by William Morris for home furnishing. This print was manufactured by Thomas Wardle, Leek, in block-printed cotton. The content of this piece is flowers and leaves, this is a very symmetrical piece that also uses alot of bold colours. I really like morris work because like this piece they are very detail and he always composes patterns that are amazing.

Merimekko Fabric: Maija Isola & Dombra Spring, Dombra Spring: Yellow, 1960

Yellow is always a nice background colour. The reason being because it gives you a feeling of summer and makes you think of summer moods and environments which in most cases refer to warm colours and floral patters whether it may be a cultural or a seasonal trend. This beautiful indian pattern shown above was a designed fabric done by Isola and Spring. The Method of this piece was produced the old fashion way, it was run through a screen print thus transferring the design onto the chosen fabric. The print is very much in context as the use of colours refer back to indian patterns and culture which are bright and bold looking colours. These colours are very much present in the indian culture back then and even to this day are still used majority of the time.








These are a few images of the light i created in 3D Design. I really like the idea I was working with , I really wanted to create something different and I hope I did that!

These pic were pretty awesome when we took a shot looking into the cool shades! also can see Josh and his beach bod! haa


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